Lower levelized cost of energy for low maintenance renewable energy applications.

From wind turbines to solar farms and bio gas, renewable energy is one of the fastest growing global sectors. With each project typically having a 20+ year buy back period it is essential for renewable projects to continuously strive for improved operational effectiveness, reduced downtime and maintenance.

Our range of lightweight and high performance cast nylon materials assist operators’ lower maintenance costs and component replacement with self-lubricating, high load bearing and dimensionally stable qualities.

Low Moisture Absorption

Limit changes in material properties, such as dimension or mechanical strength usually associated with moisture absorption.

Dimensional Stable

Maintains original dimensions during changes in temperature and humidity.

Near Neutral Buoyancy

Materials neither fall nor sink when submerged in water.

Recommended Materials

The original cast nylon - PA6 is the base grade from which all cast nylon materials are created.
Nylacast Oilon
Nylacast Oilon
The leading Oil Filled Nylon for over 40 years.

Typical Applications