Nylacast Oilon

Nylacast Oilon™ was the very first authentic lubricated Nylon, having a blended liquid lubricant system built-in during the process stages, which obviously resulted in a substantial increase in bearing life, 5 times that of Natural cast nylon and 25 times that of phosphor bronze. The lubricant contained within the material will not drain, machine, spin, leech or dry out and never needs replenishment. A uniformed distribution of the lubricant throughout the product guarantees a constant performance over the whole service life and improvements in the rate of wear, sliding frictional properties, abrasion resistance and stick-slip performance are just a few of the benefits offered by this material.

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Material Data

1.138 g/cm³
Tensile Strength:
76 MPa
Compressive Strength:
115 MPa
Impact Strength:
5.75 KJ/mm²
Friction Coefficient:
Max Cont. Temp:
110 ℃
Melting Point:
222 ℃
Water Absorption:
6.1 %
FDA Compatible:

N.B. Material data may vary slightly depending on profile and size.

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World Leader for over 40 Years

Nylacast Oilon™ was the very first authentic lubricated Nylon to have a blended liquid lubricant system built-in during the process stages.  For the past 40 years, Oilon has acquired an unmatchable track record across the globe and continues to go from strength to strength.There have been many imitators over the years since Oilon has been introduced, however, Nylacast Oilon remains the premier oil-lubricated nylon available from any source.

Oil Lubrication System

Premium Oil-based lubricant is uniformly distributed throughout the Nylacast Oilon material product to guarantee constant whole life performance, The lubricant will not drain, machine, spin, leech or dry out and never needs replenishment.

FDA Compliant

FDA compliant medical white oil is used within Nylacast Oilon rather than silicone fluids.

Material Downloads

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